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16 Oct 2018

How to Jailbreak iOS 11 - 11.4 (No Computer) | Unc0ver Jailbreak iOS 11.4 - 11.3.1

Unc0ver Jailbreak iOS 11.4, iOS 11 - 11.3.1 - 11.4 beta 3

A brand new, well-optimized jailbreak called Unc0ver. It works to jailbreak 11.4 beta 3/

Install iOS 11 - 11.4 jailbreak: Unc0ver Github (download .ipa): No computer link: Alt link:

Unc0ver jailbreak:
Try this: If You Have Error - Delete any OTA updates in Settings - General - Storage - Turn on Airplane mode - Disable Siri - Disable Find my iPhone - (If previously jailbroken) Use Rollectra to restore to factory settings & then try using Unc0ver on the fresh restore. - If Cydia doesn't open, try rebooting

The most outstanding changes over the other jailbreaks

  • All exploits in same app
  • Detailed error messages
  • Faster patches
  • More stable patches
  • No extra battery drain
  • No random freezes
  • No random slow downs
  • No data is logged or shared
  • No malware
  • Proper jailbreak state detection
  • Proper bootstrap extraction to fix issues such as Cydia not appearing after jailbreak
  • Native build of Cydia for iOS 11
  • Telesphoreo port for ARM64
  • Much faster Cydia
  • Much more stable Cydia
  • Much more modern looking and acting Cydia
  • Cydia skips uicache when not needed
  • Cydia supports iPhone X screen size
  • Cydia Substrate for tweak injection
  • Much faster ldrestart
  • Much more stable ldrestart
  • Changes to Cydia were made with permission from Saurik
  • Option to skip loading daemons
  • Option to dump APTicket
  • Option to refresh icon cache
  • Option to disable auto updates
  • Option to block app revokes
  • Option to restore RootFS
  • Button to restart device
  • Button to open Cydia in case it doesn?t appear on the Home Screen
  • Label to show the days left till the application expires
  • Working debugserver
  • An awesome UI

The technical side

  • Exploit kernel_task
  • Get kernel base
  • Find offsets
  • Get root
  • Escape sandbox
  • Get entitlements
  • Dump APTicket
  • Unlock nvram
  • Set boot-nonce
  • Lock nvram
  • Allow double mount
  • Remount RootFS
  • Prepare resources
  • Inject to trust cache
  • Log slide
  • Set HSP4
  • Patch amfid
  • Spawn jailbreakd
  • Patch launchd
  • Update version string
  • Extract bootstrap
  • Disable stashing
  • Disable app revokes
  • Allow SpringBoard to show non-default system apps
  • Disable Auto Updates
  • Load Daemons
  • Run uicache
  • Load Tweaks

Switching from the other jailbreaks

  • The device will automatically be wiped

Getting support

  • Use the built-in diagnostics tool
  • Get technical support on the r/Jailbreak Discord Server

The To Do List

  • Contact @saurik to enable the Cydia Store purchases on iOS 11 and remove the empty front page ads in Cydia
  • Make switching from other jailbreaks without wiping the device possible
  • Fix a kernel panic that?s triggered by a kernel data abort which is caused by a UaF bug in jailbreakd
  • Chain @_bazad\'s blanket to bypass the developer certificate requirement for multi_path
  • Enable the on-fly entitlement patching on iOS 11
  • WebKit Port with @_niklasb\'s WebKit Exploit



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