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16 Dec 2017

Ali safe Pandora Labs first perfect jailbreak Apple iOS 11.2

December 13, Ali Secure Pandora Labs has claimed that the perfect jailbreak Apple iOS 11.2.

Apple's official appraisal of iOS 11 was "a huge step forward for the iPhone and a milestone for the iPad." But to keep bug fixes, Apple introduced iOS 11.2 on December 2, fixing the security reported by Google security workers Vulnerability further enhances iOS system security.

Song Yang, head of Ali Secure Pandora Laboratories, said his team has jailbroken iOS 11.2 on the iPhone X. According to him, compared to other jailbreak in the past two years, Pandora Lab jailbreak is essentially different and is "perfect."

Jay Freeman, the father of Cydia, said that Apple's security performance improved, jailbreak more and more difficult, "I think basically jailbreak iOS has died"

"Although iOS 11.2 fixes some security issues, we confirmed on the day of release that the new version will still be able to jailbreak." Song Yang said, "Although we soon escaped iOS 11.2 perfectly, we were limited to security research purposes, So it does not provide jailbreak tools. "

Currently, the industry's concern about the Apple iOS 11 loopholes is heating up. Previously, foreign media reports Google Project Zero team is expected to bring jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 version. Benefit from a closed system architecture, Apple mobile phone has been recognized as the industry's highest security mobile phone, and found that Apple system vulnerabilities, jailbreak is the focus of many security personnel hot topic.

Although jailbreak popularity has declined from both a user and a developer perspective, the developer community has also had a strong interest in iOS 11.1.2 and earlier vulnerabilities. At the Prophet Innovation Conference held on November 17 this year, researchers at Ali Secure Pandora Laboratories publicly demonstrated the perfect jailbreak iOS 11.1.

Although all jailbreak on iOS system has always been a hot topic in the field of security, but the real implementation of jailbreak is rare, and to achieve the perfect escape is rare.

It is reported that Ali security Pandora Laboratory was established in 2017, mainly in the field of mobile security. Currently, the laboratory has more than 10 researchers.

Song Yang, the head researcher with Alibaba, confirmed that the Pandora jailbreak is only meant for security research and won’t get released to the public. As unfortunate as that is, this proof of concept illuminates how it’s still possible to jailbreak Apple’s latest operating system running on the company’s newest handset despite ongoing Fort Knox-like security measures

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